Year 2010 LAST DAY!!! OMG

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I am not a psychic, mystic, prophet, let alone God. And the end is a secret and the prerogative of God, we all do not know when it will happen. But with the knowledge possessed by human beings knowledge should be able to figure out when the end can come. Do not see the natural behavior of recent happen as signs? And with the mathematical calculations and the support we can predict the data. I think, Rapture could happen in 2010!
Why can? I do not have the verses or hadith to explain my opinion.

But wait, no need to panic with the title of this posting, or then cursed me for being an apostate, polytheism, or the like. Forget my prediction, and allow the Resurrection become part of our faith. Rapture will happen. When? Only God knows. But if the destruction of human or living creature on earth, just maybe can predict could happen at any time. The key is to FOREST.

Remember recently awarded a new Indonesia Guinness Book of Records? Namely the destruction of the State Forest Fastest in the World. Forests in our country lost an area of 300 football fields every hour! We have the remaining forests of Indonesia only 28 percent only, whereas in our state forests are part of the forest remaining world is the world's lungs, which can absorb carbon and provide oxygen for life on this earth.

Forests provide the majority of the needs of living things. Foodstuffs, building materials, water, medicines, where live animals, and maintain the ecosystem balance of all living things. If the damaged forest and eventually lost, then the human history also graduated from the face of this earth. Is not that the end for us?

If the damage continues to occur and if not stopped, the lowland forests of Sumatra and Kalimantan will be exhausted in 2010. Oil too, will not survive in 10 years. If so, great damage, ecosystem destruction, major natural disasters, 'Resurrection' can begin to happen in 2010.

If indeed we do not want that to happen, all must stop forest destruction, this time as well. We can do start from ourselves and the little things. Save water, electricity, paper, fuel, and other power Summer. Planting just one tree, any tree, just do not weed tree, it's not too difficult for us. And forest conservation movement to everyone.

Apocalypse? Trust... But, it was not wanted in the near future right?


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